September 17, 2020 The Outpost Church

Welcome To The Outpost Blog!

Welcome To The Outpost Blog!


If you are reading this, then chances are you are connected with or are considering connecting with The Outpost Church in Yelm. First off, thank you for making your way here and I hope this blog will prove to be an incredible blessing to you.

If you have been a part of our church planting team since the beginning, then you know that this journey has been anything but normal. While COVID-19 has seen businesses closed, social activities cancelled, and while most churches are facing an existential threat due to loss of members, we have attempted to plant a new church amidst the chaos. There simply is no explanation for the favor and response we have seen in this season other than God, through His goodness and grace, has been working, in spite of our frustrated efforts, to advance His Kingdom in Yelm.

One of the major ways this dynamic has affected our church plant has been in the area of facility. Under normal circumstances, in any given town, there are multiple venues ready to devour exorbitant amounts of a new church plant's overhead in exchange for a few short hours each month and the joys of setting up portable church...every...single...Sunday. During the pandemic, however; schools have been off-limits, community centers are closed, and other churches are dealing with their own issues of trying to do ministry in a socially distant world which preclude them from opening their doors to a second congregation meeting in their building. These factors are the main reason why these words (and many more after them) are being penned in a blog.

Why a blog?

Although we may feel like we are the first generation of Christians to deal with the issues in our world today, the reality is that we have an entire New Testament because there were groups of believers who could not be together. In the absence of a 'gathered' church, biblical writers still needed to communicate truth relevant to their fellow believers circumstances. This truth was believed so important that the letters and gospel stories were copied over and over again so that it could be sent to other groups of believers and thus the New Testament was born.

Now, I am not putting this blog anywhere near as important as what the biblical authors did in writing the New Testament. I am, however, saying that in times past, when the church has been unable to gather, this did not stop communication.

My hopes behind this blog are to explain biblical principles that should shape our response to social, cultural, political, family, as well as other issues relevant to our current context. Since we are unable to gather for an extended time in a corporate setting, my goal is to expand the conversation started in the sermon and expedition groups (small groups) each week providing further explanation, teaching, and room for dialogue.

I pray these articles are helpful to you as you navigate the many complex elements which shape the world we live in today. Engage with the content. Ask questions. Send in ideas for future articles and perhaps even help me write the content.

Thank you for joining us on the journey.

In Christ,

Pastor Devin