Next Steps

Next Steps

We see our job at The Outpost Church as helping every person who connects with our community take whatever their next step of faith may be. Every person, whether considering faith in God for the very first time, or the person who has been following Jesus for decades, has a next step of faith. As we orient our lives to Jesus and the principles he demonstrated in the Bible, we come to know what those steps are.

Perhaps your next step of faith is just show up to a service to learn more. Maybe you have been considering deep spiritual truths for a while now and your next step would be to give your life to Jesus as you choose to follow after Him. It could be, that baptism is the next step that you need to take in your journey of faith.

Whatever that next step is, we want to help you uncover it and walk with you on the journey. There are several ways that you can discern this next step and get the help and encouragement you need to take it.

Attend a Service:

Every week, our pastoral staff delivers sermons aimed at helping you know the God of the Bible and the good news of the Gospel that directs our steps. Each sermon ends with a list of possible next steps and clear ways in which you can take those steps. Plan your visit and come check it out!

Next Steps Class:

Helping people on this journey is such a big deal for us that we have created a three part class aimed directly at helping you discern and take whatever your next step might be. Keep an eye out during our announcements for the next upcoming class dates.