outpost explorers

Little Explorers

We have a fully-staffed nursery available every Sunday morning for our little's aged (0-4). Our nursery staff have all been fully-vetted and background-checked for safety and peace of mind. Maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment is our top priority. We also want you to know that we love the sounds of babies and little ones in our auditorium as well, so feel free to keep them with you if you are more comfortable that way.
Our nursery is open ten minutes prior to the start of service but you are free to drop your little's off at anytime as well!


Our Explorers group consists of ages 5-12 and have classes that meet the same time as our Sunday Gathering. Each week, our Explorers join the main service for worship and are then dismissed back to their classrooms for games, a lesson, and the occasional snack. We want to really focus on the importance of family at The Outpost and host monthly family services where our Explorers join us for the full Sunday Gathering experience where they are given an activity bag and a notes sheet where they can follow along. All of our Explorers teachers have been vetted and receive annual background checks. Also, please feel free to keep your Explorer with you in the main auditorium if that makes you more comfortable.