Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Vision

At The Outpost Church, we want to be a place where anyone can lean in for rest and refuge so that they can go to live a life of impact. Rest and refuge are found in Jesus and are experienced most deeply in community with other people. We believe that rest and refuge in Jesus is meant to ready us for service and impact. This life-changing impact is seen in how you are impacting the world around you.

The Mission

Our mission is to help people ORIENT their lives to Jesus and ENGAGE with others on the journey so that they can live a life of IMPACT.

We long for people to come to know Jesus as the source of all goodness, hope, and life. As we orient every aspect of our life around the good news of Jesus and how He has called us to live, only then can we experience life as God intended it.

We also realize that we are not created to journey through the human experience alone and our heart is to help you engage with others along the way in deep and meaningful relationships. We are stronger together!

We believe that as we increasingly orient our lives to Jesus and dive deeper into relationship, that this is what allows us to live lives of impact. As we are impacted by Jesus, we will impact the world around us.

our vision

Outward Focused

OUTWARD OVER INWARD | The mission Jesus gave the church is decidedly outward focused. The first words of the church's mission are to "Go therefore..." and so we will continually seek to connect others with the hope that is in Jesus.

Oriented to jesus

GRACE OVER GOOD | The Gospel of Jesus is central to who we are and everything that we do. We discover new life in Christ as we orient our lives to Him and His completed work rather than our continual efforts.


INVESTMENT OVER ISOLATION | We practice the love of Christ in the context of authentic relationships rather than by ourselves. It is through engaging with others on the same journey of life that we enjoy the fullest human experience that God intended for us.

impact driven

PRODUCE OVER CONSUME | You don't judge an orchard over how many trees there are or how beautiful it is; the value of an orchard is found in the fruit it produces. We value the fruit of life change. The impact Jesus has had in us can best be seen by the fruit of impact we have in the relationships and world around us.