Family Discipleship April Week 2
on April 14th, 2024
God spoke to Samuel in a very special way. He had to listen very close to hear God's message. Check out the lesson today to see how we can listen to God today.  Read More
Family Discipleship April Week 1
on April 7th, 2024
Ruth and Naomi had a lot of bad things happen to the all at once. But we learn that God had a plan to save them both.  Read More
Family Discipleship March Week 5 Easter Sunday
on March 31st, 2024
March 31st - April 6th Watch the Youtube video of this week's lesson. This weeks big truth is: Jesus rose from the dead--just like the Old Testament said he would. This weeks memory verse is:  Death is swallowed up in victory." "O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?" (1 Corinthians 15:54-55) Here are a few questions for your family to discuss this week based on the teaching...  Read More
Family Discipleship March Week 4
on March 24th, 2024
We see stories of super heroes all the time now. Today we learn about Samson who was a flawed super hero. Check out today's story to learn about the perfect superhero.  Read More
Family Discipleship March Week 3
on March 21st, 2024
God choses someone with a lot of fears to lead his army. Come check out how God conquered his fears and lead the Israelite army to victory.   Read More
March Family Discipleship Week 2
on March 10th, 2024
Today's story continues following the Israelites as they enter into the promised land. Their journey is going to be a tough one, but with God on their side, we see some amazing things happen for them.  Read More
March Family Discipleship Week 1
on March 3rd, 2024
The daughters of Zelophehad thought they were being treated unfairly, so they went to Moses, who went to God. Check out today's story to find out what happened to the five daughters of Zelophehad.   Read More
February Week 4 Family Discipleship
on February 24th, 2024
This week closes out our series on family discipleship. Will you commit this week to start an intentional journey of discipleship with your family?  Read More
February Week 3 Family Discipleship
on February 17th, 2024
Once again this week we have questions from both our kids lesson and Pastor Devin's sermon. Check it out for some ideas on how to use what was taught for some family discipleship time.   Read More
February Week 2 Family Discipleship
on February 10th, 2024
This week we learned about atonement, but not only atonement, but some strategies to family discipleship. Check it out to try out some of the skills you learned this week.  Read More
February Week 1 Family Discipleship
on February 4th, 2024
God delivered his people out of slavery in Egypt. Then he saved them from the Egyptians again. After all this God gave his people the Ten Commandments to live by. Do you remember what those were?  Read More
January Week 4 Family Discipleship
on January 28th, 2024
In Egypt God saved his people twice. First, he passed over the houses marked with the blood of the lamb. He first saved his people, and then he gave them the Ten Commandments to show them how to continue to live for him. God doesn't tell us to be good so he can save us, but rather he saves us as a gift, through his great love for us, and then teaches how to live.   Read More